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Buy a FarmShare (CSA)

The Beginning of the Best Meals

Dine on the fresh taste of Gallatin Valley

Buy a FarmShare (CSA)

You have the opportunity to access the best of Gallatin County’s locally grown produce!

Pay in advance for a share of the season’s harvest, packed & prepared weekly.  Pick up your veggies at the farm (2111 Love Lane west of Bozeman).

Or, you can pick up your summer veggies at one of these designated locations:

  • Petra Academy on Fridays |  4720 Classical Way (off of Cottonwood Dr. west of Bozeman)  |  Bozeman, MT  59718
  • East Davis Street on Tuesdays |  Bozeman, MT  59715
  • Bogert Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays | Bozeman, MT 59715
  • Zoot Enterprises (Zoot employees only; pickup in the lobby) on Fridays   |   555 Zoot Enterprises Lane (in the Four Corners area)  |  Bozeman, MT  59718

You can buy a share for harvests of any season you desire – spring, summer or fall.  Freshly harvested, certified organic and 100% delicious.


Half Share

Full Share

Farmers’ Market Share


  • Convenience of fresh, organic, local produce at less than retail prices
  • Because it’s local and fresh produce, the nutrients are more available, and therefore healthier
  • Sharing the benefits (and risk) with your farmer
  • An investment in your food and community

What We Grow

Take a look at the variety of produce and herbs grown by Three Hearts Farm in Spring, Summer and Fall!  Seasonal harvests!

Half Share

Full Share

Each share contains 6 to 10 different vegetables.
Freshly harvested.  Packed with care for you.

Spring, Summer and Fall – Seasonal Harvests!

The produce of each season’s CSA shares vary since different plants grow at different times of the year.  Our CSA shares may include: Tomatoes, seasonal greens, carrots, beets, winter & summer squash, onions, peppers, cabbage, eggplant, cucumbers, radishes, kale, chard, basil, parsley and more!

Spring CSA shares

The Spring Harvest runs for 13 weeks, March 3rd through May 26th.

You will pick up your produce at our farm each Friday. There is one share size.

Cost: $250
Feeds a family of 3-4
Weekly harvest for 13 wks

Summer CSA Shares

Enjoy 16 weeks of local farm-fresh certified-organic vegetables from mid-June to October. Become a member and receive a share of this season’s produce!

A Full Share feeds a family of 3-4 weekly, a value of $31.25/week.  Pick up your veggies at the farm.  Cost: $500 for the season.

A Half Share feeds a family of 1-2 weekly, a value of $18.75/week.  Pick up your veggies at the farm.  Cost: $300 for the season.

For the Full Share and Half Share, free delivery is available to our predesignated points around the greater Bozeman area.

A Market Share – you pick up and select your veggies at our Farmers’ Market booth (Tuesdays or Saturdays).  Cost: $200 – $250.  The Market Share makes a great gift for someone you love!


Need more info?  View our seasonal harvests and take a look at the great FarmShare options.

Option 1:  HALF SHARE

Subscription: $300
Feeds 1- 2 people
Weekly harvest for 16 wks

Option 2: FULL SHARE

Subscription: $500
Feeds a family of 3-4
Weekly harvest for 16 wks


Pay $200 in advance
Receive $230 worth of produce
Come to the farmer’s market & select your produce
These make great gifts!

Buy a share of our harvest

Eat healthy this summer

Veggies at Farmer’s Market

Fall CSA Shares

Eat freshly harvested produce in winter months!  Our certified-organic fall CSA includes storage crops and hardy greens including, but not limited to: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, winter squash (many varieties), pumpkins, kale, chard, parsnips, rutabagas, beets, carrots, onions, leeks, potatoes, radishes, kohlrabi, seasonal herbs, and baby greens.


Subscription: price to be determined
Details to be announced later, closer to the season.

Buy a share of our harvest


  • Three Hearts Farm: Fri. 3 – 8 pm

Get fresh veggies for weeks


Want freshly harvested veggies?


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2111 Love Lane
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